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The sources of books imported by Bronze Horseman are such renowned collections of world art as the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow, and the palace museums of Petergof, Tsarskoe Selo, and Pavlovsk. The collections of Western European art, Ancient art, Islamic art, and Asian art at these museums are comparable to those of the greatest Western European and American museums.

Bronze Horseman specializes in the exhibition and collection catalogues of these museums. The Hermitage, for example, recently began publishing its complete collection catalogues for the first time in fifty years. In some areas its collections are preeminent; cataloguing the works with revised attributions, dating, provenance, and bibliography is an event in museology. Bronze Horseman also carries the publications of less well-known museums whose collections are significant but often inaccessible.

The works of Russian painters, draftsmen, sculptors, designers, and architects constitute a rich branch of world art. Bronze Horseman imports monographs, albums, catalogues, and reference books that unfold the history of Russian art and architecture from its wellsprings in tenth-century Kiev to its latest forms in twenty-first-century Russia.

In their icon-painting Russian artists created some of the most celebrated works of religious art and in the early twentieth century they often led the way to the boldest and most enduring achievements of the European avant-garde. Between these peaks one can discern many other contributions to world art made in different periods and genres from the architects of the Moscow Kremlin to the portraitists of the late nineteenth century.

Bronze Horseman brings to libraries, scholars, and collectors in the West current books on Russian visual culture that publish new research, rarely seen works, and exhibitions generating fresh interpretations.  Among sources of books are the two largest collections of Russian art in the world, the State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg) and the Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow). Bronze Horseman also works with smaller museums and private publishers to offer original publications seldom available outside Russia.

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